Dead By Daylight Update 2.81 Patch Notes Confirm Fixes For Bots, Characters, Environment & More - PlayStation Universe (2023)

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Dead By Daylight Update 2.81 Patch Notes Confirm Fixes For Bots, Characters, Environment & More - PlayStation Universe (1)

Behaviour Interactive has released a spine-chilling batch of Dead by Daylight update 2.81 patch notes for you to digest, which comes packing a range of key fixes across bots, characters, environments, and much more.

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Bug Fixes


  • Bots no longer have a tickle fight when they are both infected by The Mastermind’s Uroboros Infection and attempting to spray each other with First Aid Sprays.
  • When playing against The Dredge, Bots are more likely to lock lockers.
  • When playing on the Rancid Abattoir map, Bots no longer infinitely vault a window when going for an Unhook.


  • VFX issues no longer occur on The Oni during Intro Camera, Mori and Score Screen.
  • VFX issues no longer occur on The Ghost Face when swapping between Cosmetics.
  • Smoke VFX no longer appear when switching between certain locked Cosmetics.
  • When The Skull Merchant destroys a Pallet, the animation plays out as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where, as The Spirit, vaulting from a high location and falling to the ground would cause her to jitter in the air instead of falling continuously.
  • Hitting a Survivor with The Knight’s Guardia Compania now correctly resets Play with Your Food tokens.
  • The Flashlight beam is no longer obstructed by The Wraith’s body when cloaked.
  • The Cenobite may no longer teleport far from the Survivor when the teleport is triggered right after the Survivor starts solving the Lament Configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the cosmetic VFX to disappear while playing a match.
  • Fixed an issue where the kicking animation for breaking pallets and generators was offset while The Huntress was equipped with the ‘Night Owl’ customization set.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Huntress’ arm is to clip in the Killer POV when throwing a hatchet while falling.
  • Fixed an issue where when a Survivors starts healing another Survivors immediately after unhooking them, they get positioned in a way that clipping occurs between them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Spirit’s hands to briefly flash blue when releasing the Killer Power at the last second while charging, causing them to duplicate momentarily.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Pig’s crouch and uncrouch animation not to be shorter when equipped with the Combat Straps Add-On.


  • Disable an optimization on animation that caused choppy or low-frame rate animations in certain situation.


  • Fixed issue in Blackwater Swamp’s Pale Rose map where there was a collision issue in the stairs of the Pale Rose’s boat.
  • Fixed an issue on all maps around the killer shack where a collision would hinder navigation around the exterior of the shack.
  • Fixed an issue on The MacMillan Estate Groaning Storehouse map where the killer could body block acces in the stairs to the basement.
  • Fixed an issue on The MacMillan Estate Suffocation pit map where the killer could body block acces in the stairs to the basement.


  • The “Salvation or Sacrifice” challenge no longer gains an unintended extra point of progress when hooking a Survivor during the End-Game Collapse.
  • Issues related to the Core Memory challenges.
    • Memory fragments no longer spawn too close to the Player spawn points and to each other.
    • The memory portal no longer remains displayed after another player interacts with it.
    • The Demogorgon can no longer collect memory fragments while traversing the Upside Down.
    • Survivors can no longer interact with the memory portal while Incapacitated with Victor when playing against The Twins.
    • Fixed multiples issues to the Survivor interactions and visibility with memory fragments and memory portal interaction when Victor was unbound nearby Players when playing against The Twins.
    • The Killer can no longer interact with the memory portal while carrying a Survivor.
    • Fixed an issue where the audio feedback for collecting a memory fragment played only once instead of per fragment.
    • The Knight can no longer collect memory fragments while creating a patrol path for a Guard.
    • Fixed an inconsistent page change audio in the Archive.
    • Fixed an issue where the Killer’s camera had unintentional movement when interacting with the memory portal.


  • The sounds of Survivors fighting back are no longer missing from The Shape’s Mori while having Judith’s Tombstone Add-On equipped.
  • Survivors grunts no longer persist after being healed while inside The Skull Merchant’s Drone detection zone.
  • Fixed an issue where, during an active Event, auto-filling the Bloodweb would play the same Item purchase sound multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFXs were missing for the skull merchant’s body cleaver weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Body Cleaver weapon for The Skull Merchant would not have attack sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Perk preview UI button would produce no sound.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Memory Of Maurice outfit for The Dredge would not have the added horse sound effects.

Level Design

  • The Nurse can no longer teleport out of bounds in Raccoon City Police Station Map.
  • Fixed multiple collision issues in the Red Forest Realm.
  • Fixed issues in Ironworks of Misery where some killers could land their powers on places unreachable to survivors
  • Zombies no longer get stuck on railings in Father Campbell’s Chapel.
  • Fixed an issue in Groaning Storehouse where Killers are unable to pick up Survivors.
  • Fixed an issue in Shattered Square where the dark mist was not positioned properly in the map
  • Zombies should no longer get stuck on Temple of Purgation.
  • Zombies should no longer get stuck on Dead Dawg Saloon.
  • Fixed global issue where debris from Pallets would clip in the ground.
  • Improved situation where lack of Hooks in Badham Preschool negatively impacted Killers.
  • Fixed clipping assets in Temple of Purgation.
  • Removed an impassable area in Badham Preschool.
  • Fixed issue in Gas Heaven that adds mist around the Gas Station.
  • Fixed issue in Mount Ormond Resort that prevented The Nightmare from placing Dream Snares around the building
  • The Skull Merchant can no longer block doorways with Drones in Father Campbell’s Chapel.
  • The Demogorgon can no longer jump on top of metal piles in Gas Heaven.
  • Zombies can now navigate between cars in Haddonfireld.
  • Fixed issue in Midwich Elementary School where Victor could stand unreachable on top of metal shelves.
  • Characters no longer get blocked in front of a cart in the Shattered Square.
  • Killers can no longer land on top of a Hook in Midwich Elementary School.
  • Fixed an issue in Badham Preschool where the Killer could not grab a Survivor working on aGenerator.
  • Fixed an issue in Dead Dawg Saloon where a collision prevented Killer navigation near the bar.
  • Zombies now navigate better in Temple of Purgation.
  • Fixed issue in Treatment Theatre where Killers were body blocked near a hook
  • The Nightmare’s Dream Snares can no longer be placed on walls of the mine in Suffocation Pit.
  • Mist now appears as intended in the Racoon City Police Station Map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the trees to fail to dissolve when the Entity sacrifice a survivor in the different maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the dark mist would not appear properly in the Gas Station
  • Fixed an issue where killers can stand on the rocks of the hills in Crotus Prenn maps
  • Fixed an issue where a Faux-Appels would affect the players near the exit gates in Shattered Square
  • Fixed an issue where players could not vault on the side of the Pale Rose Boat
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from navigating properly in the basement stairs, Shattered Square
  • Fixed an issue where Trapper’s Trap would appear near the fences, Shatered Square
  • Fixed an issue where the players were blocked in the basement in the west wing of the Racoon City Police Station map
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the nurse from blinking properly in the shrimp boat
  • Fixed an issue related to the blocked window in the Myers House and created a dead end
  • Fixed an issue where killers could jump on a pile of wood in the Mine map


  • Players can no longer accept and decline the Privacy Policy at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash after passing Level 50 in the bloodweb.
  • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to hide other player’s name after showing the name when the Hide Other Player Names setting is on.
  • Bloodpoint cost on the tooltip is now displayed in red when there is insufficient bloodpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where the red outline of center button remains after automatic purchasing of the bloodweb level on Switch.
  • Fixed soft lock with bloodweb purchase when switching characters.

Terror Radius Visual Feedback

  • The Terror Radius Visual Feedback is now displayed when the audio level reaches a certain audible threshold to avoid the indicator being shown when the audio is barely discernible.


  • The Insidious Perk icon no longer lights up if you become Undetectable from another source. Now it only lights up to indicate when the Perk itself is active.
  • Fixed a crash on PS4 that could occur during initialization.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur very rarely when using the Bloodweb.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of a Trial.
  • On the Nintendo Switch, the screen no longer flashes white during initialization.
  • The Bloodweb is once again buying nodes as per the priority written in its description: nodes closest to the center, of lowest rarity first.
  • Fixed the error 8007 for players on the Windows Store.

[Source – Dead by Daylight Patch Notes]


What is new in Dead by Daylight update? ›

Added more Lockers in the realm. Raised the minimum amount of Pallets in the Realm to reduce Dead Zones. Updated the placement of the Gas Station to be more on the side of the map. Updated the setup of the Gas Station to remove the strong window in the back of the building.

What is the DBD update for March 2023? ›

As detailed in the March 2023 Developer Update, Dead By Daylight will be introducing several key changes which will impact gameplay. Starting with quality-of-life items, the player can now enable automatic spending of Bloodpoints to lessen the time spent on that screen.

What is the new PTB Dead by Daylight? ›

The PTB is an early test build where we can see how the changes play out before they go live on all platforms.

Why is DbD not working? ›

The reason why Dead by Daylight not launching or not working may be due to an outdated graphics driver. Since it contains vital performance improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes from the graphics card manufacturer to fix the compatibility problems, you must install the most recent version of your video card.

What is the virus in Dead by Daylight? ›

Power: T-Virus. A virus that causes extreme mutations and can be transferred to others. Its effects heighten aggression and strength within The Nemesis. Your Power expands as your Mutation Rate grows.

Who is the fastest killer in DBD? ›

Rin Yamaoka – Spirit

She's one of the fastest killers in the entire game. She can wander into the Spirit Realm, allowing her to pass through objects, but making it so that Rin cannot see Survivors, and Survivors cannot see Rin. In that state, all players must rely on sound more to determine the position of the enemy.

How do I turn off PTB DBD? ›

Opting out
  1. Right-Click the Dead by Daylight Application in your Steam Library.
  2. Access Properties.
  3. Access the "Beta" Tab.
  4. Select "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" from the drop-down menu.

What does luck do in DBD? ›

Causes your next Self-Unhook attempt to always succeed. Causes the Broken. Status Effect for 100/80/60 seconds after unhooking yourself.

How do you tell if a DBD player is a bot? ›

  1. bots always use team-specific names, and the majority of them will always use the same shared model.
  2. press L1 to view the scoreboard. ...
  3. the 12 playable characters can be bots, and their names will always be in BLOCK CAPITALS. ...
  4. bots don't lag.
Nov 15, 2020

Can you play DBD custom with bots? ›

Creates a Lobby for unranked Trials for a maximum of 6 Players: 1 Killer (obligatory, must be a Player) 1 Survivor (obligatory, can be a bot or a Player) up to 3 additional Survivors (can be bots or Players)

Is DBD worth playing in 2023? ›

If you're looking for a horror game to play either alone or with friends, look no further than DbD in 2023.

Do DBD codes expire? ›

With the exception of the Rainbow Pride Flag charm, most Dead by Daylight codes eventually expire and are no longer redeemable.

What will DBD Chapter 25 be? ›

, released on 30 August 2022. This DLC features: A new Killer (The Mastermind)

How long am i banned on DBD? ›

48 Hours-> 1 Week -> 1 Month -> PERMANENT

If an offense is considered to be particularly egregious, the duration of the ban may skip one or more steps in this process.

How do I unblock DBD? ›

Find the IP address or registered user account you wish to unblock in the list (you can enter the address or name in the "search" field to help you find the entry), and click the "Unblock" link displayed to the right of the block's expiry time. This will lead you to a confirmation page.

How long do you get banned in DBD? ›

First offense is 24 hours. Maybe, with you knowing you made a mistake, the DBD Gods will forgive you and nothing will happen. Cross your fingers.

How is DBD toxic? ›

We were able to identify five key aggravating factors for toxicity in DbD : 1) Role identification, 2) Ambiguity in objective setting, 3) Individual gaming experience, 4) Task repetition, 5) Rigidity of norms. These factors are interrelated, in that they may echo and amplify each other.

Is the Harran virus possible? ›

Outbreak in Harran

Buruk failed to infect any people, a GRE scientist concluded that the pathogen could not have come through the air or water since more people would have been infected in that case.

Who is the slowest killer in DBD? ›

It's still a little tough to hunt them down as Caleb is one of the slowest killers in the game. He's not the worst killer, he just has a hard time as he can only truly focus on one survivor at a time.

Who is the stealthiest killer in DBD? ›

The Wraith, the Ghost Face, the Shape, and the Pig are perhaps the most common stealth Killers, and it's worth taking the time to learn at least some basic tips for how to counter each.

Who was the first DBD killer? ›

Evan MacMillan - The Trapper

In-game, he wields a cleaver and his power "Bear Trap" gives him the ability to lay bear traps to immobilize survivors. He was the first killer added to the game.

How do I get rid of blue totem in DBD? ›

Survivors can walk up to any Dull or Hex Totem and interact with it, cleansing it in the process. This interaction takes 14 seconds to complete for either type. Boon Totems cannot be cleansed. Cleansing a Hex Totem destroys it, leaving only rubble in its location that Survivors can no longer interact with.

Do you keep PTB Bloodpoints? ›

The PTB has been re-enabled. To those affected, we'll be sending out a large sum of Bloodpoints shortly for you to spend as you please. These Bloodpoints do not transfer back to the Live version of the game. As a note, this issue did not affect your progress on the Live version.

What perks can bots use DBD? ›

Bots no longer crouch in place while looping a Killer.
Bots can now use the following Perks:
  • Deception.
  • For the People.
  • Saboteur.
  • Blast Mine.
  • Wiretap.
  • Tenacity.
  • Self-Care.
Mar 7, 2023

Does luck affect chests? ›

Luck is a status effect which increases the probability of finding high-quality loot from fishing or naturally-generated chests. The higher the level of potion imbibed by a player, the higher the chance they will find high-quality loot.

Does luck play a role? ›

Luck matters. Profoundly. There is a tendency particularly amongst successful people to believe they got there largely by their talent, effort, tenacity and smart decisions but there is strong evidence that suggests that luck and opportunity play a far greater role.

Who is the killer that throws knives in DBD? ›

Armed with an arsenal of throwing knives, The Trickster overwhelms fleeing Survivors with a relentless barrage of blades. Seemingly safe actions like vaulting windows and dropping Pallets turn into target practice for this twisted K-Pop Idol, whose stylish showmanship is rivalled only by his gleeful bloodlust.

Can you tell if it is a bot? ›

The most rudimentary bots lack a photo, a link, or any bio. More sophisticated ones might use a photo stolen from the web, or an automatically generated account name. Using human language is still incredibly hard for machines.

How do you tell if a follower is a bot? ›

Be wary if they follow you again after you don't follow them back. A bot is programmed to repeatedly follow and unfollow you, until you return the favor. Consider them a bot if they follow thousands of accounts, but only have a few followers in return. If the ratio seems way off, its likely a bot.

How do you tell if a match is a bot? ›

If your first message comes instantly after matching or your match tries to move the conversation to a different app, it might be a bot. Bots cannot maintain naturally flowing conversations, so their responses might be completely unrelated to your questions.

Can you get banned for trolling DBD? ›

No... This game has allot of trolls.

Can you chat with killer DBD? ›

Sure, you can type messages in the pre-game and post-game chat (as well as talk to the Killer in the latter), but when you just want your teammates to heal you mid-match you won't want to annoy them by accidentally vault-blocking them whilst the Killer is on their tail.

What is the cap for Bloodpoints? ›

Bloodpoint Cap

Bloodpoints are capped at 2,000,000 Bloodpoints for Bloodpoints gained in a Trial. Any Bloodpoints gained from outside sources, such as Log-in Rewards, promotional Codes, etc. do not contribute to that Cap and can thus cause Players to exceed it.

Are you allowed to mod DBD? ›

Mods you can use

Although it is not encouraged, per se, it is permitted, if only in short bursts to grant you a little extra wiggle room when tweaking the settings.

What was added to Dead by Daylight? ›

The Survivor Expansion Pack was released for $29.99 on 15 June 2021. The DLC adds all original based Survivors, as well as an exclusive Survivor Icon charm.

What is the new DbD DLC? ›

This Chapter DLC includes: New Killer: The Skull Merchant. New Survivors: Thalita Lyra, Renato Lyra. Updated Map (Free): The MacMillan Estate.

What is the new killer upcoming in Dead by Daylight? ›

The execute-ive suite. Behaviour Interactive has announced Dead by Daylight's next (and 27th) chapter, Tools of Torment, which debuts a brand new Killer: The Skull Merchant.

What is the next DLC for Dead by Daylight? ›

CHAPTER 25: Resident Evil: PROJECT W
Resident Evil™: PROJECT W
Release Date30 August 2022 (Tuesday)
CategoryChapter DLC
1,500 Auric Cells
3 more rows

How many iridescent shards per 100 levels? ›

Iridescent Shards

are awarded as a bonus for levelling up one's Player Level. Averaging across all 99 Levels within one Devotion, one earns approximately 0.0716 Iridescent Shards per Experience Point. This is equivalent to receiving 1 IS for approximately every 14 XP.

Who is the best killer in Dead by Daylight? ›

The Skull Merchant has become one of the most powerful villains to go up against in Dead by Daylight, which may be good or bad depending on whether players prefer playing as Survivors or Killers. She has plenty of tools at her disposal that can be a pain for survivors to go up against.

What can you get banned for in Dead by Daylight? ›


The acquiring of any in-game cosmetic through any means other than Official Dead by Daylight channels (ie. codes, giveaways, etc.) The possession of legacy cosmetics without earning them.

Who is the new DbD Killer 2023? ›

Dead by Daylight's Tools Of Torment Chapter features a new Killer – The Skull Merchant – and two new Survivors, Thalita and Renato Lyra.

Who is the next killer in Chapter 27 of DbD? ›

DbD The Skull Merchant Killer & Power

Chapter 27's new Killer, Adriana Imai — who is also known as The Skull Merchant — is Dead by Daylight's “first original modern female slasher.”

Who was the first DLC killer in Dead by Daylight? ›

New Content

Owning the DLC unlocks the following content: Sally Smithson (The Nurse. ) as the Chapter's Killer.

Who is the new female killer in Dead by Daylight? ›

The newest Dead by Daylight killer isn't just making a killing in the tech industry, she's also murdering the series' track record for having its original female characters expose their toes. A couple of days ago, Behaviour Interactive announced its newest original killer, Adriana Imai AKA the Skull Merchant.

Who is the new Korean killer in DBD? ›

Ji-Woon Hak (Korean: 학지운), better known as The Trickster, is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. He was a famous K-pop musician who became a deranged serial killer when his fame began to fade. He is the canonical arch-nemesis of his former manager, Yun-Jin Lee.

Who is the new killer in Dead by Daylight Chapter 25? ›

This Chapter features a new Killer – Albert Wesker, The Mastermind – and 2 new Survivors, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

Who is the skull merchant? ›

Humble Beginnings. Before she was the Skull Merchant, she was Adriana Imai. Her father, Seita Imai, was a talented illustrator who had moved to Fortaleza, Brazil to gain inspiration for his work. There, he was commissioned to design the logo for a local jazz club by its owner, a woman named Belinda.

What is the most popular Dead by Daylight DLC? ›

As far as Dead by Daylight's paragraph DLCs go, Left Behind is arguably the best that players can invest in. The DLC includes a single survivor; Bill Overbeck, from the popular Left 4 Dead franchise.

Does DLC transfer Dead by Daylight? ›

To enable Dead By Daylight cross-progression players must link their Behavior Interactive account with their Steam or Google Stadia account. Once you've registered your account your progress and your inventory (DLCs, purchases, skins) will be synchronized.


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