Epic of Caterpillar - Chapter 260: [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 52/69; Green Scaled Ancient Basilisk Yiksukesh - Web Novel Full (2023)




Floor 88 presence was overflowing with the natural eerie aura that Undead generate, it seems that the next Boss will be another Undead as well. Just like before, Geraldine searched through her fragmented memories, finding some useful information about the eighth Boss of the Forsaken Labyrinth Dungeon.

"Hmm… If I am not wrong, the upcoming boss is a type of ancient Basilisk, from the family of Snakes, originated from Jörmungandr, the Ancient Undead Basilisk, which body curved infinitely through the Realms, such species may still exist, somewhere in another Realm… Mmh… Oh! This Boss has an incredibly long serpent body, with the head of a ferocious snake, its scales were very sturdy, even Sol sama had a hard time penetrating it with his blade… It also possesses deadly venom that can melt the Dungeon's walls and floor easily, and one drop of it may kill even an Ancient Wyvern Overlord… It also possessed such a massive body that it could easily blast us off away, and it also had plenty of Phantom, Poison, and Dark Magic…"

I nodded intensively while saving all of this information about the next boss, I then, let some of my Slime Clones and Phantom Fox Clones, who swiftly found the mystical beast, sleeping soundly inside of the room, its body was entangled and it seemed like a gigantic pile of ropes, the scales were dark green, and shined brightly, as if they were made of a powerful mineral, according to Geraldine information, even Sol, the Hero that represented the Sun had a hard time melting the beast scales with his blade, so it should probably have a very high Fire Resistance.

"Oh, its weak point is its mouth, Sol sama valiantly slain the beast by releasing a powerful burst of Sun Flares inside of its mouth, burning it from its insides, it seems that its Fire Resistance only works outside of its body, its insides are particularly weak to Fire, hehe"

"Oh, anything else?"

"Hm… I… Wait, what were we talking about?"

"Never mind…"

Geraldine gave most of the info, I suppose, she then forgot about everything we talked about and drifted through the air as if nothing important has happened, even at Rank 3, she still suffers a lot of memory loss problems. Well, it's understandable as she was converted in a Ghost and then her hatred and resentment are what has maintained her "alive" for so long, perhaps she may recover her sanity slowly with the help of my daughter. I never thought that she would be this useful, I guess I now regret trying to feed her to Amiphossia.

While pondering these thoughts, my Phantom Fox Clones sent me the info of the Boss with the Skill [Appraisal] and [Mental Command].

[NAME: Yiksukesh

[CLASS: ---

[RACE: Undead Green Scaled Ancient Basilisk Overlord

[LEVEL: ---/--- EXP: ---/---

[STATUS: Excellent.

[HP: 16500/16500

[MP: 2700/2700

[STAMINA: 2500/2500

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[DEFENCE: 3500

[MAGIC: 3100


[SPEED: 2200


[LUCK: 0

Impressive stats, it seems to be centered in an all-rounder, with a strong point on Resistance, its HP Pool is quite surprising, but due to its massive body, it's understandable. Its species is called after its dark green scales, so it may have something to do with its abnormally high Resistance compared to everything else.

It has a good balance between Strength and Magic, meaning that it's most likely to attack with both at the same time, probably using its Strength stat with Bite Skills and Whip Skills, using its tail as a weapon, due to its sheer size. It is indeed a formidable enemy. I don't think that my children should fight this on their own, and even with everyone teaming up, I would like to try it out on my own, to tests is full capabilities, so I can give a better insight to everyone else, facilizing its defeat whenever it spawns again.

By analyzing its skills, the monster possesses the abnormal self-regeneration of previous bosses, amazing magic spells of Phantom, Poison and Dark Attributes, and also shield spells, and a powerful venom… Its eyes also have the power of petrifaction, Geraldine and her party in the past, used a special Healer Buff over their bodies, making them immune to certain status effects for some time, this is how they managed to kill the boss without turning into statues.

I glanced around my Healing Skills, and I think that I can manage something similar, by infusing my Skill [Lovely Care; All Status Heal] into a Solidified Magic Shield and imbue it into my body, making me immune to most status effects. The beast is also still weak to Light and Holy, so my Holy Seraph Armor will come into play once again, this time I also took off my six [Legendary] weapons of choice, enhanced them with both my Armor and Aura, changing their attributes slightly to Fire, Light, and Holy.

Should I use my 16th Winged Demon Transformation? Perhaps, if things get worse, I may use it, my body with just my armor had become around five meters tall, so I think I can manage to tank some hits if necessary. I've also released countless of shields of all types over my body. I felt quite motivated to defeat a powerful beast that was said to be a descendant of a monster as legendary as Jörmungandr. I wondered if I could get something related to this ancient lineage.

The doors opened widely as the Giant Snake awoke from its slumber, roaring wildly with a "hiisss!", it pounced towards me, intending to devour me in one bite.

The snake was annoyed that I woke it up from its sleep, it may have been having a nice dream, maybe.


Hissing with rage, the giant snake twisted its massive body, of over one hundred meters long, as it pounced towards my small body. I braced myself, enhancing my six arms with my six weapons with my Aura, a powerful shining flame surged from my surroundings, and in a quarter of a second, a powerful flare of Golden Flames was sent straight towards the Basilisk's open mouth.

The beast, knowing the dangerous power of the attack, twisted its body in an almost impossible way, making its body receive the attack instead, its scales, barely burned down a little bit, even an attack that used Fire, Light, and Holy wasn't enough to penetrate its scales with ease.

However, if one wasn't enough, I just needed to shoot more until it was completely grilled. Using my [Mystic Eyes; Eye of Demise; Anti-Heal Curse], I inflicted the monster with the status [Inhibit Regeneration] as long as I kept looking at his body, and then I released hundreds of small sparks of semi-transparent white light, these lights quickly adhered themselves to the beast body, stopping its Magic from being conjured, Anti-Magic Seals.

"Gyyyyhh?! Hiiiisssssss!!!"

The Snake was intelligent and it quickly realized what was going on, it tried to destroy the Seals, but as long as one of my split minds was working on generating more, it would never be able to get rid of them!

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Using [Illogical Propulsion Speed], I flew at incredible speed around the room, reaching the back of the snake's head. In the air, I then released hundred of Golden Fireballs, a rain of golden sparks showered the Snake from all its surroundings, the pain was almost non-existent for an Undead, but it could still feel the danger of sustaining too much damage while having its self-regeneration abilities sealed, even worse, its magic as well.


Suddenly, the Snake twisted its body as it released consecutive Skills, these were Whip Skills, which it was able to perform due to its massive and thick tail. Each attack held the power of 3200 Strength, so it was nothing to scoff at. As if breaking the air itself, the blows rained over my surroundings, by using my skills, I was able to evade from several angles, but the speed of how the beast was able to release its Skills was almost the same as mine, and the attacks managed to hit me at the end, each of my shields sustained the damage, but immediately broke, my MP was being constantly drained as I needed to regenerate the magic shields, however, this was of no issue as my MP can regenerate to its fullest in 20 seconds, as long as I evaded from time to time, I should be able to stand through this.

I tried then, to inflict the Boss with more of my [Mystic Eyes] status effects, but nothing seemed to work, except Paralysis, by using this ability, its body was paralyzed for the fraction of one second, enough for me to fly towards its back and blast it with hundreds of Golden Flames.

"Gyyyaaaah! Hiiiiisssssssss!!!"

"Yeah, keep screaming! I'm going to grill you alive!"

"Hiiissssssssss! How unsightly! Begone, ant! Hiiiissss!"

"Oh, you can talk?"

"It's not of your concern! Now, die! Hiiiiiisssssssss!"

After saying some insulting words, the Basilisk once again twisted is tail and body, releasing a powerful force, as hundreds of Whip Skills were released over my entire surroundings, my Aura altered me of this as I evaded some, took other blows and intercepted a few with my weapons.

As the battle continued, I released hundreds of Golden Fireballs over the monster's entire body, even its scales have begun to melt, and I could see its fair white skin in detail now, which was being slowly grilled, releasing a nice and delicious scent.

Using my weapons, I would intercept its Whip Skills with my slashes of Golden Fire, managing to negate some of the force while also cutting off its scales and big slices of meat, that fell off the ground. Its blood couldn't stop flowing through the floor as it quickly created a river of scarlet blood.

"Hiiisssssss! What kind of weapon is that?! Hiiiiissssss! You're just like that other human! Damned Humans! Die already, leave me alone! Hiiiissssssss!"

Suddenly, the Basilisk opened its mouth as it showed me its massive fangs, from its fangs, it threw hundreds of small bullets made of incredibly toxic poison, even if my body was immune to it, my Armor indeed slowly melted if it received an attack directly, even my Magic Shields would melt, I've never seen such a poison capable of melting magic.

Aware of the dangerousness of such venom, I quickly gathered my Aura into my weapons, and with a powerful intent, I released a massive slash of techniques combined together, powerful forces collided with each other, releasing a massive blast of pure force and magic, the Basilisk wasn't able to evade in time, tanking the powerful attack with its body, due to the force of such technique, it vomited blood intensively while whining in pain.

"Gyyaaaahh! Hiiiiiiiiissssssss! It hurts…! How can it hurt?! Damned Humans! Damned destiny! Hiiiisss! How much must I suffer here?! How many timesssssssss! Hissss! Dieee!"

Ignoring the pain that flowed through its entire body, the Basilisk jumped towards me, releasing countless of Whip Attacks from its tail, while throwing Venom bullets as well, from each direction, I was being pressured.

Concentrating my MP on my entire body, and by enhancing it with my Aura, I used [Overpowering Sun], generating a massive sun of shining flames, containing Fire, Light and Holy Attributes. The immense gravity generated by the sun in my arms twisted the floor's gravity, making the Basilisk dizzy.

"T-That attack! Are you its descendant?! You came to kill me again, huh?! Hiiiiiiisssssss! Will your grandson come to kill me as well?! Hiiissssssss! This is ridiculous! Everything is ridiculous! I'm tired of everything! Die, die, die!!! Damned Human! Hissssssss!!!"

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The Basilisk seemed to have long lost its sanity and was babbling nonsense, although it couldn't see my true appearance beneath my armor, it was clear by my size and powers that I wasn't a human.

The monster pounced at me with its mouth wide open, enraged, and blinded by its berserk state, it completely ignored that I was holding such power. Seeing an easy win, I flew at max speed using [Illogical Propulsion Speed] towards its mouth and dropped the massive [Overpowering Sun] right inside of its mouth.

"Gggah?! Ggyyaaaaaaaahhh!"

The Sun melted and exploded inside of the beast innards, its entire body was grilled alive, and just like that, its long and sturdy corpse fell over the ground, creating a thunderous tremor. It died just like before, being grilled from the inside.

[Kireina] gained 650.000.000 EXP]

[LEVEL 047/250 EXP 2.281.521.091/2.450.000.000 EXP]

[Kireina] defeated the boss [Undead Green Scaled Ancient Basilisk Overlord; Yiksukesh]

[Kireina] completed several conditions]

[Half an Hour Slaughter], [Solo Kill], [Overkill], [Overwhelm], [Inhibit Regeneration], [Inhibit Mana], [Despairing Enemy], [No Item Used], [Weakness Abuse]

[Therefore, [Kireina] have been granted with corresponding prizes]

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Ancient Reward Loot Box (S)] x4

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Legendary Rank Equipment Random Loot Box (A)] x1

[Kireina] obtained the item [Undead Green Scaled Basilisk Grand Treasure Chest] x1

[Kireina] learned the Skill [Blessing of the Ancient Undead Green Scaled Basilisk]

Hmm… It was indeed very strong… And it could talk as well, it took me off guard a little bit, it seems that it remembered when Sol killed him… It must suck to be trapped on a dungeon for eternity, dying all the time, I guess. Sadly, it will just be materials for me, no matter how much it suffers, its suffering and its past doesn't have anything to do with me. It's different than my family.

Oh? Pity? Why would I feel pity for it? For being trapped here against its will? Nonsense, if I were to pity anything I saw, I wouldn't have come this far in this new life. My family safety comes first, why would I forgive this being? How could I know that it would even talk to me and reason? It was clearly insane to the core. Even if it's intelligent, so what? A meal is a meal.

Leaving my pointless self-monologue aside, it was time to butcher this thing, my family already figured that the boss was dead, so they entered in high spirits, looking to have a nice feast.




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