Epic of Caterpillar - Chapter 269: [Forsaken Labyrinth Conquest] 61/69; The Last Floors - Web Novel Full (2023)

[Day 175]

After the feast and around eight hours of sleep, the boss hasn't spawned yet, so I assumed it would spawn once every 24 hours or so… Huh?

Oh, it just spawned again.

After everyone had a nice breakfast alongside warm baths, my family gathered together to kill the Boss. With my support on the backside, they managed to overwhelm it from every angle, dying pitifully.

My whole family is like an army of Overlord Rank beings, even without me supporting them, they have grown so fast inside of this dungeon that they can even manage the ninth boss by working together with just my minimal support, this being boosting abilities, magic shields, and the occasional healing spell.

They managed to kill it after around forty minutes, Geraldine leeched a lot of the EXP and leveled up to level 50 easily, boosting her new physical body stats and leveling her Skills. My family gained plenty of levels as well and they leveled their Skills, some even evolved their Skills.

The EXP given by the Ninth Boss is really nice, I wish I could kill one thousand of them and level up to level 250 in one go, I would be able to evolve right away.

Oh well, such monsters that give absurd amounts of EXP are extremely strong, but also extremely rare, even in a Dungeon where it can spawn indefinitely, it takes around a day to reappear.

[Kireina] gained 950.000.000 EXP]

[Kireina] gained one level!]

[LEVEL 050/250 EXP EXP]

The colossal Kasha Boss was then butchered and partially eaten. It dropped a whole set of its equipment, various high-quality potions, and even some items you would only see in Loot Boxes like servant enhancing items, or gacha tickets. But adventurers usually don't have a dungeon, so it would be useless to give them gacha tickets… perhaps the system give these tickets knowing that I own a Dungeon?

I gifted the whole set of equipment, which was a beautiful white and red kimono to the adorable Kaguya, as the set boosted Fire and Phantom Magic, being perfect for her. She had to replace the Nine-Tailed Fox set given to her before, she wanted to give it back, but I refused, as it was a gift. In the end, she saved it on her Item Box and said that she would switch between kimono sets from time to time.

There were also various accessories, a lot actually. Coupled with the ones gathered yesterday when I killed the Boss, they were over eighty equipment items, so I sorted them out, saw their effects and then gifted the generously around my family, everyone ended up with at least three new [Mythic++] accessories.

I ate around twenty of the equipment and accessories that weren't fitted for my family.

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Phantasmagoric Hell Flames Dagger Conjuration]

[Fire Metamorphosis]

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Only two skills from eating over twenty pieces equipment, indeed it is a very low chance to get anything at this point, I should have saved the items for the rest of my Kingdom instead…

I suppose it was worth it at the end, [Fire Metamorphosis] is an incredible skill, it lets me change my body into that of pure fire as if I were a spirit of flames, and my entire physical body was just flames, it felt strange at first, however, I found out that it wasn't that different from changing my body into an ethereal existence.

Floor 98 and 99 were already getting very hot, but from floor 100 onwards, things became even hotter, gigantic rivers of lava flew through the floors. Waterfalls made of lava or Lavafalls? Fell to the lower floors, and gigantic reptilian monsters, fire demons, and lesser fire spirits roamed the place. Kasha, Wa Nyudo, Nekomata, or other Yokai were nowhere to be seen, and these enormous fire goliaths dominated this place.

A fat, red-colored demon, with small wings at its back and two black horns over its head glanced over our group, the being, although humanoid, had a hideous look on its face. It was around thirty meters tall, however, this just seemed to be a weak one, the biggest demons around were over fifty meters tall.

"Guguou?!" It yelled, it seems to have some intelligence, but its dialect was unintelligible, and I didn't care about holding a conversation with a snack.


By wielding my trusty Thunder Odachi, and by enhancing it with my Aura, I released a powerful slicing force that penetrated the red demon's thick greasy exterior, slicing it in half.


Those were his last words before meeting death. After noticing the death of their brother, companion, friend or slave, the other Red Demons who roamed the place directed their glances at us, furious over what happened, we were suddenly swarmed by these fatty giants, their strength was incredible, they weren't compared to any normal dungeon monster on previous floors at all. However, with the strength that we had already accumulated, we made quick work of these beings without much trouble.

They were rather skillful in Fire Magic and Dark Magic and had the power to summon gigantic black fireballs that resembled a bad copy of my Overpowering Sun. Interested in comparing sizes, I created an authentic [Overpowering Sun], sending it straight to the demons.

Although they seemed to have very high Fire Resistance, a massive ball of Lava was quite hard to resist. They lived the hit, but could they live another one?

What about another one? Oh, here, have another one, its on the house.

After the whole group of over thirty Giant Red Demons died grilled alive or carbonized, Geraldine flew to my position.

"Lady Kireina… That move! Was that Overpowering Sun?! Are you one of Sir Sol's descendants?!"

"S-Sol? Did he use such skill?"

"Indeed! Overpowering Sun was his most powerful move, his final trump card! It's the first time I see someone using it other than himself, and even he couldn't use it consecutively like you! How amazing, nya!"

"You have fire affinity now; do you want to learn how to use it?"

"Learn, nya?!"

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"I don't mind teaching my daughter's servants to get stronger, so they can protect her better, the method on how I obtained the Skill is very obscure, but it could be replicated with the necessary skills… If you have Fire Affinity, try to train that Fire Magic, and possibly learn Fire or Lava Zone… And maybe Mana Zone as well"

"Ma…nya Zone? Ueh?"

"Hmm… Right, Mana Zone didn't exist in this world it seems… It was a little trick I used back then to mix in magic spells with ease, most of my children are born with the innate talent to manipulate magic without the need of that skill as an assistant… Anyways, I will teach you after this dungeon. And no, I'm not that Sol descendant, I don't even know who that guy is"

"Eeehh?! But…"

Leaving a disappointed Geraldine aside, we proceeded through floor 100 to floor 101 without any issues, traps were easily disarmed by my Phantom Fox Clones and the loot was also retrieved by them. We came across a bunch of more Fat Red Demons, who we skewered alive and devoured.

Afterward, a massive Fire Lesser Wyvern showed up, but Aarae, Vudia, and Ailine ripped it to shreds with a Water, Thunder, and Wind tandem spell, creating a storm that killed it instantly.

We also came across two to three-headed dinosaurs, resembling those skeleton dinosaurs from previous floors, they looked like Earth's dinosaurs a lot, and made me remember the raptors from the savanna biome in the Grand Forest, but over twenty times bigger, and having their bodies covered in flames.

My wives, specially Nesiphae, Nixephine, and Brontes fought these with their powerful muscles and colossal techniques in a completely one-sided fight.

The Demons, Wyvern, and Dinosaur meat was delicious. The Red Fat Demons were giants that held immense amounts of meat, being able to feed a whole country with one, their bodies were very fatty, giving the meat an amazingly delicious flavor, and because they were all grilled to death, a delicious smoky flavor-filled our mouths each time we munched in the tender red flesh.

Wyverns in here were a delicacy, Fire Wyverns have a spicier flavor than Earth Wyverns, going well with a very cold and sweet beer or the Walking Cactus Wine. The Dinosaur meat wasn't different but had a rougher flesh, its scales were surprisingly flavorful and resembled very hardships.

[Kireina] gained 963.238.594 EXP]

[LEVEL 050/250 EXP 1.234.416.009/4.400.000.000 EXP]

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Giant Red Demon Flesh and Blood]

[Parallel Head Processing]

Reaching floor 102, we were greeted by a family of hungry Fire Wyverns, they weren't intelligent like the family on my Kingdom, though, and only had instinctual intelligence for survival, but perhaps even that was lacking because even after seeing one of their family members died horribly with incredible easiness by Charlotte, who vaporized its head with her Magic Cannon, they pounced and jumped at us with a berserk-like rage.



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By using the enhanced speed of my Thunder Wind Dragon Armor, I flew to through the air, and by wielding my Odachi, I sliced the Wyvern's wings, making all the family of eight wyverns fall to the ground, heavily losing blood they saw themselves cornered by my family, and were beaten to death in countless of different ways.

I considered that it could be possible to give the Wyvern Overlord a new and strong body by using these Fire Wyverns as ingredients, in a similar ritual than the one for Geraldine, but to connect the soul and body, we would need some of its original remains, and we ate them all already.

Well, I don't think that he hates being a Legendary Weapon, that's what he desired originally after all. However, the possibility of making an army of Giant Fire Wyvern Zombies was interesting, being possibly stronger than any monster I can summon without leaving them for a week inside a hole killing and eating each other.

As we snacked on the big family of giant fire wyverns, a colossal fire frog appeared, opening its gaping mouth, a long, sticky, and meaty tongue appeared, covered completely in lava-like saliva, it tried to eat us up in one gulp. This monster was called Colossal Lava Frog, a very original name, I know.

The bastard managed to snack on two Wyvern corpses, which deeply enraged me, as I was enjoying that. It's very rude to steal someone else's food after all. I flew over its head and summoned twenty [Arms of Demise] and twenty [Venomous Gemstone Hammers], I made all of the arms wield the hammers, and with immense force, they pulverized the colossal frog with tremendous force.

A pile of minced meat was left, with countless shattered bones. It was a delicious monster, and I forgive him for eating my wyvern, its meat was surprisingly more delectable than the wyverns while being incredibly tender and fatty.

After my foxes gathered the loot and disarmed every trap, we continued through floor 102, reaching floor 103, we encountered more frogs, now in massive groups living near a gigantic lava pool, they bathed on the heat with peaceful demeanors, while snacking on wyverns and dinosaurs. If I were to tell such a thing to people on earth, they would call me a crazy guy for imagining such a weird dream.

Suddenly a powerful force inside the Dungeon was released, covering every Colossal Lava Frog, their bodies muscles bulged as their legs became thrice as thick and sturdy, their tongues also grew and they gained two more pairs of blazing eyes. Their bodies were also now covered in melting rock scales.

Is this the Dungeon last resort? It's trying very hard-


With a speed that shouldn't belong on such colossal behemoths, the now evolved pack of frogs, who were over twenty, jumped towards our directions with incredible momentum. The force inflicted on the floor after their bodies landed on the ground was massive, but the floor surprisingly did not shatter.

By adding the Water Attribute to my armors, the Storm Shark Armor appeared, while concentrating my power on my weapons, I released powerful blasts of energy in the form of half-moons, five frogs were sliced into pieces in mere seconds. My family began to take over some as well, and six were dead now after just half a minute. Without any delays, I began another massacre. The Dungeon was enraged as it furiously trembled, even the power of such giants wasn't much against us.

After the entire group was destroyed, the Dungeon tried to summon them from scratch through Spawn Artifacts, but those were already disarmed by my Phantom Fox Clones. Fufufu, it seems that it's starting to get desperate. Maybe it will buff the final boss? That would certainly make it interesting.

[Kireina] gained 1.327.594.940 EXP]

[LEVEL 050/250 EXP 2.562.010.949/4.400.000.000 EXP]

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Limb Extension; Colossal Blazing Tongue]

[Infernal Lava Scales Generation]

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