How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (2023)

One Piece has an array of cross-species characters made up of proportions not typical of a human. It is not always easy to tell how tall each character is from looks alone.

Luckily, most of the One Piece characters have had their heights confirmedat various points in the original manga, anime, or in other official One Piece merchandise such as the One Piece Visual Dictionary.

Monkey D. Luffy is 5’8″ (162.7 cm) from seasons 1 – 14. Between the end of season 14 and the beginning of season 15, there is a 2 year time skip in which Luffy grows to be 5’8.5″ (174 cm).

Roronoa Zoro also grows during this time, starting One Piece at 5’10” (177.8 cm) and then reaching 5’11” (180.3 cm) during the time skip. Nami stays her original 5’7″ (170.2 cm) before and after the time skip. However, she does have a more mature appearance when season 15 begins.

The largest main character in One Piece is Kaidou, who is introduced after the time skip at 23’3.5″ (710 cm). But it is Franky who undergoes the most significant growth spurt during the 2 years, growing from 7’5″ (226.1 cm) to 7’10” (238.8 cm).

One Piece is a quirky pirate adventure following Captain Monkey D. Luffy of the Straw Hat crew on his quest to find the legendary One Piece treasure alluded to by the deceased King Of Pirates Gol D. Roger.

Luffy and the Straw Hats are not the only crew determined to find the treasure, but they are set apart from other crews by Luffy’s carefree, inspiring attitude. Like all good pirate stories, One Piece is full of fights, foes, and adventure!

One Piece Character Height Chart

Listed below are the heights in feet and cm of the One Piece characters.

The heights are split into pre-time skip (seasons 1-14) and post-time skip (seasons 15 onwards).

CharacterPre-time skipPost-time skip
Monkey D. Luffy5’8″ (172.7 cm)5’8.5″ (174 cm)
Roronoa Zoro5’10” (177.8 cm)5’11” (180.3 cm)
Nami5’7″ (170.2 cm)N/a1
Usopp5’8.5″ (174 cm)5’9″ (175.3 cm)
Sanji5’10” (177.8 cm)5’11” (180.3 cm)
Tony Tony Chopper2’11” (88.9 cm)N/a1
Nico Robin6’2″ (188 cm)N/a1
Franky7’5″ (226.1 cm)7’10” (238.8 cm)
Brook8’9″ (266.7 cm)9’1″ (276.9 cm)
Jinbe9’11” (302.3 cm)N/a1
Nefertari Vivi5’7″ (170.2 cm)N/a1
Gol D. Roger9″ (274.3 cm)N/a2
Shanks6’6.5″ (199.4 cm)N/a1
KaidouN/a323’3.5″ (710 cm)
Marshall D. Teach11’3.5″ (344.2 cm)N/a1
Bartholomew Kuma22’7″ (688.3 cm)N/a1
Trafalgar D. Water Law6’3.5″ (191.8 cm)N/a1
Portgas D. Ace6’1″ (185.4 cm)N/a4
Sabo3’3.5″ (100.3 cm)56’1.5″ (186.7 cm)
Koby5’6″ (167.6 cm)N/a1

1 Remains the same height

2 Dies before the show begins

3 Debuts after the time skip

4 Dies before the time skip

5 Debuts in a flashback pre-time skip

Monkey D. Luffy

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (1)

Monkey D. Luffy is one of the smallest of the Straw Hats at 5’8″ (172.7 cm). He grows a whole inch in the 2 years between seasons 14 and 15, making him 5’8.5″ (174 cm) when the story resumes again.


Despite being much shorter than most of his crew, Luffy carries the role of Captain of the Straw Hats admirably. He can be quite childlike, motivated by passion and friendship, but this works in his favor. Though Luffy is often considered a criminal, he can sway most threats with his cheerful disposition.

Roronoa Zoro

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (2)

Roronoa Zoro undergoes a slight change during the show’s 2 year time skip. He starts off the series at 5’10” (177.8 cm), growing to be 5’11” (180.3 cm) by the beginning of season 15.

Zoro was already one of the more highly skilled pirates before the time skip. But in the 2 years that the Straw Hat crew takes to train and grow, Zoro’s sword skills continue to improve.

As Luffy’s right-hand man, Zoro is the perfect balance to Luffy’s often carefree tactics. His professionalism and physical advantage over the Straw Hat’s captain helps to encourage others to take Luffy more seriously when Zoro is by his side.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (3)

Nami remains the same height of 5’7″ (170.2 cm) for all of One Piece. Compared to the other female characters in the show, Nami is an average height. But compared to the rest of the Straw Hat crew, Nami lacks a height advantage.

Though Nami stays the same height, she starts the One Piece series as an adult at only 18. So, naturally, she does physically mature as the series goes on – especially after the 2 year time skip.

As well as being considered the most attractive of the Straw Hat crew, Nami is the smartest. Her physique is not the only thing that matures but also her general personality and know-how. Nami progresses from being a pirate hater to a pirate herself, eventually showing true loyalty to her crew and Luffy.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (4)

Usopp is 5’8.5″ (174 cm) before and 5’9″ (175.3 cm) after the time skip. In the 2 years between seasons 14 and 15, Usopp has clearly worked on his strength and power. He is no longer the scrawny teenager but instead a muscley man.

Even with his new physique post-time-skip, Usopp is still as cowardly as ever (more for comedic value than anything else) and prefers to take the easy route in most situations. However, he does gain some confidence in his abilities, ultimately improving his skills as a pirate.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (5)

Before season 15, Sanji is 5’10” (177.8 cm). Then, at the beginning of season 15 and after the 2 year time skip, Sanji has grown an inch to be 5’11” (180.3 cm).

Sanji’s change in the 2 year time skip is more evident than Zoro’s, even though they are the same height. He has grown out his facial hair and appears more rugged, arguably making him look more mature than Zoro.As a more mature and level headed member of the Straw Hats, Sanji helps to balance out Luffy’s impulsive nature.

Tony Tony Chopper

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (6)
(Video) Crazy One Piece Size Comparison

Tony Tony Chopper is the smallest character in One Piece at 2’11” (88.9 cm). In the 2 year time skip, Chopper does not grow at all. Instead, he loses a noticeable amount of weight, making him look even smaller than before.

Chopper’s shortness can be partly credited to him being the youngest of the Straw Hats at only 15 years old. However, his height can also be due to his species.Technically, Chopper is a reindeer but after eating a Devil Fruit known as Hito Hito no Mi, he develops the power to turn into a half-human whenever he wants. In his partly human form, he is tiny.

Nico Robin

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (7)

Nico Robin is much taller than most of the other female characters and many male characters in One Piece at 6’2″ (188 cm). She stays at this height throughout the show, looming over Luffy and even Zoro.

She may be much older than Nami and already has a physical maturity over other female characters before the time skip. However, Nico still gains much more noticeable curves between seasons 14 and 15. She prefers revealing clothes which only helps to accentuate her newly formed hourglass figure from season 15 onwards.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (8)

Franky is confirmed in the One Piece manga to be 7’5″ (226.1 cm). Then, after the time skip, he is 7’10” (238.8 cm), meaning that he undergoes the biggest growth of any character in One Piece.

Due to his exaggerated proportions, you would not think that Franky is as tall as he is at first. These exaggerations are the result of an accident Franky was involved in before the show began. Franky gave his body certain cyborg elements to patch up various injuries he has received throughout his pirating career, making his shoulders and forearms unnaturally large.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (9)

Brook is already amongst the tallest members of the Straw Hat crew before the time skip at 8’9″ (266.7 cm). Being a skeleton, it is a surprise that Brook grows at all. But after season 14, he grows an extra 4 inches, reaching 9’1″ (276.9 cm).

When he is introduced to the Straw Hats as their resident musician, Brook is already technically dead. He has a very slim build as he is a skeleton, brought back to life after he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi Devil Fruit.

There are several flashback scenes throughout the show where we see Brook as a human 50 years prior. In life, Brook was still tall and skinny, opting for loud clothing – a style that he continues to wear in his undead life.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (10)

The tallest of the Straw Hats, Jinbe is a massive 9’11” (302.3 cm), towering over Brook by 10 whole inches. He is also one of the bulkier characters in the show as he is a Fish-Man with an appearance leaning more towards whale-shark than human.

Before joining the Straw Hat crew, Jinbe was not only one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea but also the captain of his own crew: the Sun Pirates. With a face resembling Japanese demons and a build larger than most other pirates, Jinbe is a force in his own right. But it is his respect and honor that makes others consider Jinbe for more than his stand-out appearance.

Nefertari Vivi

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (11)
(Video) One Piece | Characters Size Comparison Part 1 - Official information only

Like Nami, Nefertari Vivi stays5’7″ (170.2 cm) from the moment she debuts in One Piece. However, how Vivi presents herself does noticeably change going into season 15.

Typically, Vivi doesn’t let her status as a princess dictate her clothing choice. She is more conservative than the other women associated with the Straw Hats, even when her curves fill out post-time skip. But she is not afraid to wear low-cut, tight dresses.

Gol D. Roger

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (12)

One of the only times that Gol D. Roger is shown on screen is in the show’s introduction, where he is 9′ (274.3 cm). However, Roger is the overarching character for the whole One Piece premise rather than a main on screen character, as he is dead before the story properly begins.

Roger’s height is entirely reflective of his title as the Pirate King. It is his treasure that started the Golden Age of Pirates and fulled so many to join the pirate life. What is known about Roger is mostly hearsay within the show, but he was said to be a boisterous man, filling his space both physically and metaphorically.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (13)

Shanks (or Red Hair for obvious reasons) is one of the few characters shown in the show’s initial starting point 10 years before the One Piece story really kicks off. At this early point, he is 6’6.5″ (199.4 cm) and doesn’t grow for the rest of the show.

Like most of the legendary pirates in One Piece, Shank’s height is reflective of his experience and expertise over Luffy and his crew. That being said, Shanks is the smallest Four Emperors ever as he is entirely human and not a human hybrid.

This in no way makes him less powerful than the other Four Emperors. In fact, Shanks and his array of successful adventures are largely responsible for Luffy becoming a pirate in the first place.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (14)

Kaidou – or Kaidou of the Beasts – is not introduced to One Piece until season 17.He is the last of the Four Emperors that we meet in the show, but he is the most impressive, standing at23’3.5″ (710 cm).

His disproportionate bulk and tiny head make Kaidou seem even bigger than he is. Kaidou’s defined muscles (particularly his chest and shoulders) could be comical if it were not for his ruthless nature. If his strength were not a threat to the Straw Hats, his lack of morals certainly would be.

Marshall D. Teach

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (15)

Marshall D. Teach is One Piece’s take on the notorious Blackbeard and carries the weight of the legend with his sturdy 11’3.5″ (344.2 cm) build. Teach doesn’t grow after the show’s time skip, but his beard does get longer as the show progress, giving him a more rugged look.

Everything about Teach is big, his mouth, limbs, and facial features. Like most foes, Luffy faces Teach with a naive fearlessness despite Teach being exactly twice Luffy’s original height. Teach likes to taunt Luffy, not necessarily because he is entirely cruel but because he is cocky and overconfident.

Bartholomew Kuma

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (16)
(Video) How Big is the One Piece Planet? Measuring the Planet (One Piece analysis and calculation)

At a massive 22’7″ (688.3 cm), Bartholomew Kuma may have lost his notorious title of ‘Tyrant’, but his appearance is still terrifying. His disproportionate head and short legs compared to the rest of his body make Kuma seem more comical than intimidating.

Before the time skip, Kuma has a few cybernetic components that make him not entirely human. When he is seen again after season 15, Kuma is not any taller, but he does have several swords sticking out of his body and is adorned with heavy slave chains, adding to his fearsome appearance.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (17)

Trafalgar D. Water Law remains6’3.5″ (191.8 cm) from when he is first introduced in season 11. He may not be the tallest of pirates in One Piece, but he almost always presents a snarky smirk and general calm even in stressful situations, meaning that he doesn’t fade into the background around larger characters.

Law’s physical appearance does not change much during the time skip. Even his clothes are similar; his yellow and black hoodie swapped out for a blue and orange one. However, Law’s smirk is missing more often than not after the time skip despite becoming one of the Sea’s Seven Warlords.

Portgas D. Ace

How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (18)

Portgas D. Ace – or Fire Fist Ace – is 6’1″ (185.4 cm) when he is first seen in season 3. Unfortunately, Ace dies in season 14, meaning that he doesn’t get the chance to grow any taller.

Though he was only the sworn brother of Luffy and not technically related, Ace shared a lot of physical similarities with his younger brother. Ace was essentially a taller, older version of Luffy with a more defined body, giving him a harsher appearance.But personality-wise, Ace and Luffy were just as silly and impulsive as each other.


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (19)

Before the time skip, Sabo is only seen in flashbacks, such as inseason 14 episode 494 where he was only 3’3.5″ (100.3 cm). But when Sabo is properly introduced to One Piece in season 17, he is 6’1.5″ (186.7 cm).

In flashbacks, Sabo is the perfect child of innocence. His overly large eyes and top hat made him seem like the noble runaway that he was. But when he regains his lost memories after Ace’s death and is reunited with his sworn younger brother Luffy, Sabo is a man able to hold his own ( even if his more noble clothing choice would suggest otherwise).


How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis (20)

Though Koby’s physical appearance changes drastically throughout One Piece, heremains 5’6″ (167.6 cm) for the main portion of the show.

In the first glimpses we get ofKoby, he is geeky and chubby, but it is unclear how tall Koby is. Then, when the main One Piece story begins, he has clearly put a lot of work into his body and has rugged handsomeness about him.He may not be the tallest character, but he is amongst the most driven.

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How Tall Are the One Piece Characters: Height Chart & Analysis? ›

By far, the largest character introduced in One Piece so far is Zunesha, a ginormous Naitamie-Norida elephant who carries the island of Zou on its back. Reaching for the skies at 21.75 miles high, Zunesha easily rivals some of the New World's islands in size.

How tall are all the One Piece characters? ›

One Piece Statistics Chart
Straw HatBirthdayHeight
Monkey D. LuffyMay 55'8" / 172 cm 5'9" / 174 cm
Roronoa ZoroNovember 115'10" / 178 cm 5'11" / 181 cm
NamiJuly 35'7" / 169 cm 5'7" / 170 cm
UsoppApril 15'9" / 174 cm 5'9" / 176 cm
15 more rows
Jan 20, 2023

Who is the tallest in One Piece? ›

By far, the largest character introduced in One Piece so far is Zunesha, a ginormous Naitamie-Norida elephant who carries the island of Zou on its back. Reaching for the skies at 21.75 miles high, Zunesha easily rivals some of the New World's islands in size.

Is Nami taller than Luffy? ›

According to the chart, for instance, Luffy's official height is listed as being a little over 5-feet-7-inches (174cm), which compares with his actual depiction in the manga, which is a little taller than Nami, who is listed, on the chart, as being 5-feet-6-inches (170cm), but shorter than Sanji and Zoro who are both ...

Who is the tallest straw hat? ›

After the Timeskip

Despite being a skeleton, he grew to 277 cm (9'1"), and remains as the tallest Straw Hat member.

What is Nami height? ›

These measurements were mentioned in the anime during the Thriller Bark Arc. After the timeskip, in SBS Volume 69, her height is 170 cm (5'7½"), and her measurements are B98-W58-H88 (38"-22"-34"), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan.

Is Zoro taller than Sanji? ›

Both cases Zoro is 1/4 of an inch taller than sanji.

Is Luffy taller than Coby? ›

Due to the passage of time and Garp's training, Coby has grown thinner and taller, standing close to Luffy in height.

Is Luffy taller than Hancock? ›

While she is shown taller than the person she's in love with (Luffy (1.72m pre, 1.74m post)), many females, and some Marine officers; some of the people (mostly men) she meets are of Mini-giant stature.

Who is the tallest girl in One Piece? ›

Aphelandra is an extremely tall woman. Her facial features are childlike, with wide dark brown eyes and long orange-brown hair falling evenly past her shoulders.

How tall is monkey d garp? ›

Monkey D. Garp
Character Information
Height:287 cm (9'5")
Weapon(s):His fists and cannonballs
Voice Actors:Hiroshi Naka
First Appearance:One Piece: Pirate Warriors
8 more rows

How tall is Boa Hancock? ›

Updated measurements were provided in SBS Volume 58, in which Eiichiro Oda responded to a fan question by saying that her height is 191 cm (6'3½"), and according to Oda and Sanji in supplemental material, her three measurements are B111-W61-H91 (43.7"-24.02"-35.83"), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan.

How tall is Kaido? ›

Appearance. Kaidou is a middle-aged man who cuts an imposing figure due to his extreme height of 710 cm and the bulk of his muscles, making him dwarf normal humans.

How tall is doflamingo? ›

Appearance. Doflamingo is a very tall (standing at 10' and as a comparison taller than Kuzan as shown in their confrontation), light blond-haired, very lean and muscular man with tan skin. He generally dresses in flamboyant clothes.


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