'The Walking Dead' Burger Is Made To Taste Like Human Flesh (2023)

If you're in East London, follow #TerminusTavern on Twitter to find out the secret pop-up location where the cannibal burgers will be served on September 30th.

Just what does a human flesh burgertaste like?

That’s the question that London-based creative director Miss Cakehead and Chef James Thomlinson of London Mess sought to answer when they made the cannibal burger. Fox UK commissioned the human flesh burgerto mark the launch of season 5 ofThe Walking Dead.

Naturally, the creative team turned to the experts: well-known historical and fictional figures who gavein to their long pig longings.

Thepatty recipe isa mix ofpork, veal, chicken livers, and bone marrow, developed to replicated the taste and texture of human.

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These are real burgers, and they will actuallybe served to fans of the show as part of a pre-Season 5 premiere promotion. If you want to try one, here’s somegood news: they’ll be completely free.

(Video) We ate Walking Dead-inspired “human flesh” burgers

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Now for the bad news: they’ll only be available at a special East London pop-up called Terminus Tavern (so named for the season 4-ending cliffhanger episode “Terminus”) on September 30th. No word on numbers, but we’re sure these are extremely limited.

Follow #TerminusTavern on Twitter to find out the exact location of this secret pop-up if you’ll be in the area.

Miss Cakehead posted an official statement from Chef Thomlinson about creating the recipe:

“With fans up and down the country hungry for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, this is certainly a unique tribute to the series. My food is inspired by flavor combinations and fresh produce, so it was a little odd to be inspired by the words of cannibals instead.”

Since we’re not anywhere near East London, we’ll just have to make our own canniburgers if we want to play along at home.

(Video) Let Clem Eats Human Meat vs Asks Her to Stop -All Choices- The Walking Dead

Luckily, London Mess posted the recipe on Facebook.

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The press release gives a little more specific information about the burger giveaway. Apparently, that infographic above with inspirational cannibal quotes will also serve as burger-wrapping paper:

The burgers will be given away from a custom built stand that recreates the apocalyptic feeling of Terminus where Series 4 ended. Those brave punters who want to know more about how to create the particular piquancy of person will be able to see the cannibal research in the form of an info graphic which the burgers will come wrapped in. A unique “The Walking Dead” condiment will also be on sale at Terminus Tavern, though best not to ask the source of that sauce!”

This sort of promotional item is something Miss Cakehead does well. When the final season of Dexter aired in the UK, Miss Cakehead created a life-size Dexter cakethat Michael C. Hall said, “goes beyond what Dexter himself would do” on Jimmy Kimmel.

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(Video) The Walking Dead - Tainted Meat Scene

Photo:Miss Cakehead

Of course, that was cake. This is meat. We’ll be interested to see reactions from people who visit the #TerminusTavern.

Your move, Hannibal food team.

[via Metro, Miss Cakehead]

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